I Love You, Lead On Gift Guide

Support our events through the following.

Give a gift of a book! Benefits I Love You, Lead On and Independent booksellers. Books from our presenters. Go to: Disability History, Rights and Justice

Give a gift of a T-shirt or a handful of buttons! Supports I Love You, Lead On and an entrepreneur with disabilities. Go to:  Teddy’s Ts and Buttons   .

Give a gitt of a Membership to I Love You, Lead On!

Money tight? We have free trial memberships or $5-10 a month. Can afford more? I year memberships are $60 or $120 or 3 months and an ADA 30 t-shirt for $60.00 Go to: JoinIt

OR Give a First-time Membership to Society for Disability Studies!

Choose a student membership, whether you are a student or not. $40.00 https://society-for-disability-studies.square.site/

Make a Contribution in a Person’s name.

Please notate check, I Love You, Lead On! Make check out to and send check to: Michigan Arts Access, 111 East Kirby, Detroit,  MI 48202.

Children’s books by Dr. Candace Cole-M-Crea

Read more about these books that describe disability and difference among wildlife. My children’s books are all based on true experiences with animals and strive to be examples of compassion, kindness and caring.

Special Friends
The Seeing-Eye Dog
The Raccoon that thought he was a Cat

Your gifts help us to make I Love You, Lead On more accessible and the videos more professional. Volunteerism only goes so far. We need your support.