Week Two

We made it through the first week. All the presenters showed up on time, as did the ASL interpreters. AI Captioning worked fine. Zoom never failed us. Eventbrite on the other hand handed us some glitches.

Much thanks to Senator Gary Peters, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Justice Richard Bernstein, Carolyn Grawi, Mike Harris, Teddy Dorsett III, Lisa Franklin, and Kate Pew Wolters for being a part pfot opening event. Thanks also to our sponsor Michigan Arts Access, ADA Michigan, and the Great Lakes ADA Center.

Sunday afternoon we have the film Intelligent Lives, see it again or watch it for the first time. One of its stars, Micah Fialka-Feldman will be with us afterward.  Anthony Tusler, an avid music and disability historian will share how disability is portrayed in music. Daniel Cascardo, a creator of fanciful murals that grace many walls in Detroit, will introduce you to his art. Soon get a piece of art to download to color during his talk. Sheryl Ellis will help you understand what accommodations you are entitled to under the ADA when you have a serious health condition. Thursday is Parents Day! In the afternoon a workshop about raising your kids of any age how to be proud and empowered – and in the evening learn about how parents and disability activists are sometimes allies and other times not.  Do you know the rights of service animals and how they differ from emotional support animals? And the week ends with a virtual dance with DJ Nakia.

Hope to see you!


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