April 27th Meeting Notes

We had an amazing meeting. So much energy.  18 people in all participated from 2 -4:45PM. 9 let me know they couldn’t make it.  This will include some follow-up from this week.
The plan is still to do ADA Everyday events from July 26th (the day the ADA was signed) until September 28th. We have Eastern Market reserved for September 29th, though it seems unlikely we can do a large event that soon. This is only part of what we discussed.
Need some tech savvy people to get together and discuss best practices, software, etc.
Need to find money!!!   We need to get people to commit to dates. We need to contract with ASl Interpreters, Captioners, and Audio Describers.
Some ideas /groups we are pursuing:
  • SportsAbility   sport demos, classes
  • Cheryl Angeleli – wheelchair ballroom dance
  • Damon Keith Law Center – ADA
  • Mi-Alliance for Families
  • Special Olympics  Inclusive Sports
  • Mi-Ahead  College Accommodations
  • Food Justice – Kelly’s Kitchen, Ava Haberkorn –
  • Theo What you need to know about going to college w/a disability
  • Jerryl  Access Health Care Settings
  • Dessa  Organizing Accessible Political Events
  • Baba His court case
  • Victor & Lillian  Blind Issues
  • Paulette DJ for dance
  • Service Animals
  • Effective Communication
  • Housing – Marc Craig Community Housing network
  • Absentee Voter Registration Drive
  • Transportation  SMART, Mike Patten
Films confirmed:
  • My Girl Story, Tameka Citchen-Spruce
  • Camp via Netflix Party, Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht
  • Piss on Pity, the story of Adapt, Peter Grosz

Film Pursuing

  • Intelligent Lives —-Rich & Janice
  • Sins Invalid, New Day Films
  • When I walk, Jason DaSilva
  • CineAbility, Jenni Gold

Speakers confirmed(updated)

Speakers pursuing:
  • Leroy Moore
  • Jen Deerinwater
  • Corbett O’Toole
  • Lennard Davis
We have a working Google sheets – let me know if you are interested in accessing it.
Next Meeting May 11 at 2.
Excited yet???  Contact me with any questions or thoughts. Susan  248-767-2217

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