Agenda April 13 2PM

Detroit is going to need this event more than ever, and we now have the potential to reach far beyond metro Detroit to all of Michigan and anywhere that receives internet.
Susan Fitzmaurice is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

ADA 30 Celebration

Disability Rights to Disability Justice

Agenda April 13

1.Most resource tables are not paying the table fee

  1. Cancel resource tables or
  2. Give them more time

2. Little money being raised

  1. Fear that the event will not take place (COVID-19),
  2. Lack of Interest, or
  3. Not enough people trying to find sponsors

3. Easter Market Venue & COVID-19

  1. Keep it and hope we can have it there,
  2. Keep it and reduce the activity level,
  3. Cancel,
  4. Change venue to a smaller space

4. ADA Everyday

  1. Have virtual programming July 1-26 or 30
  2. Still need sponsors
    1. Captioners/CART
    2. ASL interpreters
    3. Audio Describer
    4. Technological Support
    5. Zoom fees and others
    6. Hosts and other volunteers
    7. PR

c.  Alternative to resource table, 5 minute PSA or Zoom interview

d.  Who to ask to perform, lead discussions, present, poetry, tour facilities

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