Becoming Virtual

I’ve been spending a lot of time online these last few days, including helping pull-off a conference that 328 people attended. So I have a new vision for the ADA Celebration. An event online everyday July 1- 27th. July 28th hopefully at Eastern Market.
Events via Zoom can be interactive discussions, presentations, musical & theatrical performances, art demos & displays, poetry readings, films – use your imagination.
To prevent Zoombombing, attendees will need to have an entrance key (1 per individual/family.) purchased in advance. Hopefully the cost will be negligible – $5.00 – or included with the purchase of a shirt.
front ADA Blue.png
So sponsors are needed more than ever. Each day’s event will have one or more sponsors who get some time before or after the event to introduce themselves.
This means we would have 27 days of disability events of all kinds, geared to all kinds of people – no matter what happens with COVID-19. And if it’s safe, we will have the biggest celebration ever at Eastern market on the 28th. So who do you know that might want to lead a discussion, make a presentation, or perform????
Finally, just a reminder, table fees are due now. (Some of you have paid, thank you.) I’ve attached a new invoice in case you’ve misplaced yours.
Stay healthy and keep 6 feet away!! Remember, we have a meeting next Monday at 2.


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