March 23 Plnning Meeting Update

We had 12 people come together on March 23rd to discuss the ADA Celebration.  Susan made it clear it was too soon to cancel, but alternative ways to celebrate needed to be explored.

There was extensive discussion of workshops/discussion held online or at Eastern Market on history of disability, ableism, inclusive practices in  political activism, privatizing disability services, alternatives to guardianships, benefits planning, and reduced access to services to Blind people.

There was a discussion of showing films online or at theaters on different dates. A video guide to the resource tables was explored if we had to cancel Eastern Market. A parade being planned in Ann Arbor was discussed.  We covered a lot of ground in an hour.

We need sponsors!!!!

Is there a topic you would like to lead a discussion on? Online discussions will likely find a place in the celebration even if we have an event at Eastern Market. Think about ways we might foster a more inclusive disability community by reaching out to those overlooked among us.

We’ll meet gain in 3 weeks. April 13th at 2PM via Zoom.  A reminder notice will be sent.

If ADA 30 tshirts (design above) were made available by preorder by June 1 at $15, and afterwards for $20 would you buy one?  More than one?  I need to decide whether to print tshirts or if the corona virus has hit our pocketbooks too hard to think about it.

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