We Need Posters to Decorate the Shed

You are invited to create a poster to be displayed at the celebration. Work alone or work with others – families, classrooms, allies, co-workers.  Use paint, collage, photography, fiber, whatever. As long as we can hang it up it’s good. We hope we can return it to you at the end of the event, but no guarantees it will still be in good condition.

Call for Posters  (printable pdf)  

Disability Justice

What is it?

Your vision of disability justice

Documenting disability justice denied

Multi-media presentation, hangable, no larger than 44 x 28.  Everyone welcome to participate. Please include a short bio of creator/s. Must receive submission by July 3, 2020  Will return to you end of celebration – in person only.             

Contact Susan, 248-767-2217 or email susanfitzm@gmail.com to discuss where to send or drop-off. More details on this closer to July.

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