Moving forward

Poor turnout to planning meeting, but we still got things done. “Tony” was supposedly there, but I didn’t see him connect – please contact me if you read this.

Ann Arbor and Detroit Wayne CILs are both on board to help plan this event. I hope to hear from other CILs. VSA Michigan who is changing their name to Michigan Arts Access and UCP Detroit and UCP Michigan who are combining soon are on board, too. Dessa Cosma of Detroit Disability Power and Lisa Franklin of WOW have both lent their support  Please don’t wait for me to reach out to you – let me know you want to be a part of planning the future of this project. There is room at the table for all who have a vision of a better disability community in the future.

Next Zoom meeting will be in two weeks.  October 1st at 2PM. and another at 8 PM. Connection information on website sidebar, in email announcement, and Eventbrite. Please join us!

This is an interview between John Sauve and Susan Fitzmaurice discussing the

ADA 2020 Celebration from Bloomfield Township 2 on Vimeo.


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